Presentation Recording – Analysis & Technology in Coaching

As promised when I posted a link to a pdf of the slides from a level 2 AFL coaching course a few weeks ago, I have now done a “screen recording” in order to elaborate on the content some more.

This is really aimed at coaches from all levels who are looking to get some ideas and understand principles and concepts behind using analysis and technology in coaching. For any analysts or sports technologists it is probably material that you are up to speed on but by all means take a look (you may also have seen some of these slides from past presentations I have done related to performance analysis in coaching).
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Slides from AFL Level 2 Coaching Course

The weekend just gone I presented at the SANFL’s level 2 coaching course for Australian Football coaches. The topic was “The Coaching Process – role of analysis & technology”. A big thanks to Brenton Phillips and all the coaches for giving me the opportunity to be involved. I hope all the coaches found the weekend of value to their coaching development.

As promised, below is a link to a ‘pdf’ version of the slides. For others that may be interested in this topic and didn’t attend the course, feel free to have a look at the slides in the knowledge that I plan to do a screen recording where I will expand on the content in more detail. That will also be posted here shortly.



Link to Presentation Slides

“Flipping” the player learning process in coaching

NOTE: This article is contributed by Mark Upton and was first published on his blog in March 2011. Mark will become a regular contributor in the future and we will see more of his existing content on the Sports Relations blog. Enjoy the read……

I have seen a few tweets lately concerning a TED presentation by Salman Khan (and this article) on “flipping” the traditional classroom-homework educational model on its head. It seems to be gathering momentum so I thought it timely to relate how I have had success applying a similar model in a team sport coaching environment.

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