Slides from AFL Level 2 Coaching Course

The weekend just gone I presented at the SANFL’s level 2 coaching course for Australian Football coaches. The topic was “The Coaching Process – role of analysis & technology”. A big thanks to Brenton Phillips and all the coaches for giving me the opportunity to be involved. I hope all the coaches found the weekend of value to their coaching development.

As promised, below is a link to a ‘pdf’ version of the slides. For others that may be interested in this topic and didn’t attend the course, feel free to have a look at the slides in the knowledge that I plan to do a screen recording where I will expand on the content in more detail. That will also be posted here shortly.



Link to Presentation Slides

“Flipping” the player learning process in coaching

NOTE: This article is contributed by Mark Upton and was first published on his blog in March 2011. Mark will become a regular contributor in the future and we will see more of his existing content on the Sports Relations blog. Enjoy the read……

I have seen a few tweets lately concerning a TED presentation by Salman Khan (and this article) on “flipping” the traditional classroom-homework educational model on its head. It seems to be gathering momentum so I thought it timely to relate how I have had success applying a similar model in a team sport coaching environment.

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