From practice sessions to the real match – expert insights into transfer & learning

The concept of using a game-based approach in practice is far from new or groundbreaking in Coaching and/or Physical Education. Yet the uptake continues to be modest, as the socio-cultural influence of the “traditional” approach (isolated technique drills and high volume of instructions) is extremely strong.

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Player Development & Learning – Facilitating the Environment

With an increased focus on providing Performance Development services for coaches/organisations working with junior through to elite adult players, in recent weeks I have been spending significant time refining processes and frameworks for doing so. Just like buying a new car and suddenly noticing that model of car everywhere(!), the same has been happening in terms of Performance Development, particularly player development and talent pathways.

I thought I would share a few bits and pieces I have come across – hopefully to get you thinking, but also to crystalise my thought-processes and perhaps engage like-minded people in a “call to action”.

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Become a better coach – reflection & feedback via online video

As those who follow us would know, we have started to publish details of our soon-to-be-released online coach development service called the “Coach Enhancement Platform”.

You can see a description of this service in the image above, and read some more details  about the features and how it works.

We are both excited and passionate about the potential of this service to genuinely enhance and develop coaches across a range of sports, age groups and competition levels.

You may be thinking…

“why do we have such a strong belief in this approach?”

Well, it is based on the combination of:

  1. practical application of this process
  2. anecdotal evidence, and critically…
  3. scientific research.

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“Flipping” the player learning process in coaching

NOTE: This article is contributed by Mark Upton and was first published on his blog in March 2011. Mark will become a regular contributor in the future and we will see more of his existing content on the Sports Relations blog. Enjoy the read……

I have seen a few tweets lately concerning a TED presentation by Salman Khan (and this article) on “flipping” the traditional classroom-homework educational model on its head. It seems to be gathering momentum so I thought it timely to relate how I have had success applying a similar model in a team sport coaching environment.

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