ENHANCING COACHING EFFECTIVENESS: coach education and coach development


Sports Relations is a consulting group specialising in coach education and development. We work with coaches individually or as a coaching team to enhance the effectiveness of their coaching process, coaching practice and understanding of coaching pedagogy, through coach education and coach development.

Sports Relations focuses on the "HOW" of coaching, not the "WHAT"

  • How to educate your athletes
  • How to create the most effective coaching environment
  • How to best approach and use varying styles of communication
  • How to have the most effective coaching process
  • How to make correct and effective decisions under pressure


Sports Relations prides itself on the understanding of coach education in the modern era as well as obtaining the experience and knowledge which forms the foundation of the service provided.


For more information about Sports Relations and how we can work with you individually, as a coaching group or with your organisation as a whole please contact us via the link and one of our team will assist you with your inquiry.